My childhood was spent traveling around the United States and the rest of the world while my father served in the United States Air Force. After he retired, we moved back to Pocatello, Idaho. After finishing high school I attended college at Utah State University. Attending my first photography class what I would call a life changing moment. After a few years at Utah State University, I transferred to Idaho State University to major in Mass Communications. This major focused more on the documentary or journalistic side of photography.

While at ISU, I worked as the Idaho State University Bengal Newspaper as the Photo Editor, while at the same time, I was interning at ISU Photographic Services as the main sports photographer covering all ISU sports. During that time, I also started working in the graphic design field. Again, it was another life changing experience. Becoming adept at graphic design gave me the ability to be creative while also paying the bills. So, I decided to earn emphases in design and photography. To help pay for college, I also worked in the computer labs and started taking courses in computer technology to further my capabilities and knowledge.

After relocating to Utah, I found work in the graphic design and printing industries. Much of my work was in prepress and designing marketing collateral for small companies.

Around that time, I decided to focus my photography on the Native American rock art and ruins located in or around the state of Utah. I traveled the entire state of Utah for several years photographing hidden rock art and cliff dwellings. This body of work was chosen to be shown in the Utah County Art Gallery Exhibit and the Utah Arts Festival Gallery Stroll as a selected artist.

Currently, I am seeking to continue my career using my education and experience in digital publishing, graphic design, web design, information technology (IT) and photography. The focus of my photographic endeavors has now shifted to the great state of Utah.


Kevin Wellard